New Businesses to Old Pros

This program is for consultants, trainers, speakers and other professional service providers looking for practical guidance and instruction on how to set up a marketing program so that it attracts clients.

This is information that will potentially save you thousands of dollars every month in marketing costs. And it comes from a company that’s worked with clients just like you for over 10 years.


  • Define your audience
  • Create compelling content
  • Build your website
  • Focus only on the social media channels you need
  • Use your knowledge to create products
  • Target your advertising budget more effectively

What you get

Seven modules with 15 units

Over 3 hours of high content video

Supplemental reading material

Accountability quizes to help you succeed

eBook version of DIY Marketing for Consultants, Trainers and Professional Speakers

Links to both free and paid tools to get your business up and running



Aidan is a one-man Shark Tank for professional speakers. He asks the questions you need to be able to answer succinctly and on the spot if you’re going to be successful at marketing yourself as a speaker. Such as: What real, measurable benefits will your presentation bring to the audience? What is the return on investment to the people paying you to speak?

If your answers are along the lines of, “I’m an expert,” and “I inspire people,” you have work to do. But when you’re done with Aidan’s course, you’ll have concise, specific answers to those questions as well as the tools and tactics you need to win clients over.

– James Bullbrook