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Module 130 Day Marketing Challenge
Lesson 1Day One - Welcome and download my book
Lesson 2Day Two - Let's establish a baseline
Lesson 3Day Three - Make it easy for clients to contact you
Lesson 4Day Four - Define your ideal clients
Lesson 5Day Five - Build the case for your business
Lesson 6Day Six - Review and Update Your LinkedIn Summary
Lesson 7Day Seven - Use Advanced Filters on LinkedIn
Lesson 8Day Eight - Share, Like and Comment
Lesson 9Day Nine - Set Up Your Facebook Business Page
Lesson 10Day Ten - Set Up Your Google My Business Page
Lesson 11Day Eleven - Re-purpose an old blog post
Lesson 12Day Twelve - Create a LinkedIn Publisher Post
Lesson 13Day Thirteen - Use a FREE AI tool to create a video from your Article
Lesson 14Day Fourteen - Upload your video file directly to social media
Lesson 15Day Fifteen - Grab 30 minutes with me
Lesson 16Day Sixteen - Organize your content
Lesson 17Day Seventeen - Pull some quotes
Lesson 18Day Eighteen - Create Visuals
Lesson 19Day Nineteen - Sign Up for Hootsuite
Lesson 20Day Twenty - Create a Tweetsheet
Lesson 21Day Twenty One - Vimeo
Lesson 22Day Twenty Two - Automate your content distribution
Lesson 23Day Twenty Three - Jetpack
Lesson 24Day Twenty Four - Auto Update Your Site
Lesson 25Day Twenty Five - Sell Your Services to Associations
Lesson 26Day Twenty Six - Guest Post
Lesson 27Day Twenty Seven - Think about your content like a network executive
Lesson 28Day Twenty Eight - Automate Your Sales Pitch
Lesson 29Day Twenty Nine - Get Ready to Build an Online Course
Lesson 30Day Thirty - Grab Some Time
Lesson 31Bonus Challenge
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You need to be logged in to see your course progress.