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Having an expertise doesn't necessarily mean your phone is going to ring off the hook with business offers.

You have to market yourself to get in front of the decision makers who are likely to write you big fat checks. This course is for consultants, trainers, professional speakers and other solopreneurs who understand they need to do things differently, but don't know where to start or what to do.

Module 1Introduction to DIY Marketing for Consultants, Trainers, Speakers and Professional Service Providers
Lesson 1Introduction to DIY Marketing for Speakers
Module 2Defining your audience
Lesson 1Define Your Audience
Lesson 2Align Your Expertise With Client Needs
Module 3Content Development
Lesson 1Introduction to Content Marketing
Lesson 2Simplified Strategies to Write Blog Content that Works
Lesson 3Content Distribution Strategies to Successfully Engage Your Ideal Clients
Lesson 4How to Automate Your Social Media Activities
Module 4Building a website
Lesson 1Build a Website that Grows with Your Business
Lesson 2Building your Website to Attract and Convert
Module 5Social Media Marketing
Lesson 1Social Media Marketing
Lesson 2Finding, Connecting & Converting Prospects on LinkedIn
Module 6Paid Promotion on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook
Lesson 1Sponsored InMails on LinkedIn
Lesson 2Promoting Your Business Using Twitter Ads
Lesson 3Promoting Your Business on Facebook
Module 7Product Development
Lesson 1Product Development
Lesson 2Wrapping Things Up
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