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Module 1Course Introduction and Overview
Lesson 1Let's Get Started!
Module 2Define Your Client to Find the Right Business Model
Lesson 1Module 2: Introduction to Define Your Ideal Clients
Lesson 2Module 2: Define Your Ideal Clients
Lesson 3Module 2: Making the Case for Value
Lesson 4Module 2: Align Your Expertise to Client Needs
Lesson 5Module 2: Define Your Client Conclusion
Module 3Create Content that Converts!
Lesson 1Module 3: Make Content Marketing Your Secret Weapon
Lesson 2Module 3: Creating a Value Statement
Lesson 3Module 3: Content Marketing
Module 4Build Your Website for Sales
Lesson 1Module 4: Make Your Site the Window to Your Business
Lesson 2Module 4: How to Incorporate Your Value Statement into Your Site
Lesson 3Module 4: Build Your Website for Sales
Lesson 4Module 4: Now More "Coming Soon"
Module 5Structure your Speaking Programs for Extended Profitability
Lesson 1Module 5: Turn Your Audience into Clients
Lesson 2Module 5: Structure Your Programs to Generate More Business
Lesson 3Module 5: Turn Audience Members into Clients WITHOUT Selling from the Stage
Lesson 4Module 5: Turn Your Audience into Clients Conclusion
Module 6Google Services
Lesson 1Module 6: Google is Your Friend
Lesson 2Module 6: Three FREE Google Tools you NEED to set up...NOW
Lesson 3Module 6: become Google's Friend
Module 7Social Media Marketing
Lesson 1Module 7: Turn Your Content into Business
Lesson 2Module 7: STOP Wasting Your Time on Social Media
Lesson 3Module 7: Find and Connect with Clients on LinkedIn
Lesson 4Module 7: Leveraging Facebook For Business
Lesson 5Module 7: Using LinkedIn's Sponsored InMails
Lesson 6Module 7: Crush it With Twitter Ads
Lesson 7Module 7: Strategize Your Way to Social Media Success Conclusion
Module 8Product Development
Lesson 1Module 8: Make Money While You Sleep
Lesson 2Module 8: A How-To Guide to Creating Product
Lesson 3Module 8: What are you Waiting For?
Module 9Conclusion
Lesson 1Module 9: Wrapping Up and Looking Forward
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