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Beyond Branding with Gerry Lantz

This unit explores the necessity to move your brand from traditional to transformational. At this higher level, your customers and clients experience your brand which positions you as a thought leader in your industry or area of expertise. Gain the humanistic approach to your brand from Gerry Lantz and his years as a Madison Avenue advertising executive. Gerry states, “A brand is a promise of an experience” and that’s what you will learn. Gerry shares strategy, tactics, and tips to help you move your brand to the experiential level and emerge as a thought leader. Both are crucial for success in today’s business environment for speakers, consultants, and knowledge brokers.

Module 1Positioning/Branding
Lesson 1Branding/Positioning/Selling
Module 2Finding Associations
Lesson 1Finding Associations
Lesson 2Using LinkedIn to Connect with Association Decision-Makers
Module 3Meetings Industry Publications & Events
Lesson 1Meetings Industry Publications & Events
Module 4Article Writing & Logistics
Lesson 1Article Writing & Logistics
Module 5Going Beyond Branding with Gerry Lantz
Lesson 1Beyond Branding With Gerry Lantz  - Preview
Module 6BONUS MODULE - Covid-19 Success Strategies
Lesson 1Bonus Module Covid-19 Success Strategies